About Me

Hello! It is great to see that you are interested in figure skating! I can say from personal experience that figure skating is a sport that has the ability to develop more skills than figure skating itself in participants. Figure skating will teach dedication, perseverance, determination, friendship and many more qualities.


At a young age I developed a passion for skating. I started skating recreationally at the age of 4 and quickly realized that figure skating was the sport for me. My next mission was to convince my parents that I had the dedication and perseverance to be a competitive figure skater. Mission Accomplished! I began my journey into competitive figure skating. My coach(es) continuously challenged me along the way, continuously reminding me that although they were my coaches… that I was the skater and they were there to help guide and support me along the way. I continued to develop my skating into college, where I had the opportunity to begin sharing my passion for figure skating with others. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my passions with others, naturally I obtained my multiple subject and special education teaching credential. My time spent teaching taught me how to be an even better coach. I am extremely grateful for everything my students have taught me along the way. Throughout my journey, figure skating has always been my passion. I love to see skaters of all levels progress and maximize their potential.

My Coaching Philosophy

Above all…. Skaters should have fun and enjoy skating. This isn’t to say that there will not be frustrating and challenging moments along the way, but with the right mindset and understanding skaters can learn to enjoy the challenging moments, as they will feel victorious when they master the challenging elements. I believe it is essential to have skaters set goals, even if they are taking lessons as a recreational activity. Setting goals allows skaters to track their progress and celebrate their continued learning progression. Another benefit to goal setting is having the skater be an active participant in their lessons and skating development. When skaters achieve their goals I like to acknowledge and celebrate their achievements.


14+ years Coaching Experience (ISI, Basic Skills, USFSA)
10+ years Skating Experience (USFSA, Collegiate)
15 years Classical Dance Training, 6 years Gymnastics Training
PSA Rated in Moves in the Field, Group Experience Coaching Tots-Adults, Special Skaters, ISI group, Basic Skills Group, and USFSA skaters (FS, MIF, Power Skating, Off-Ice training, strength and conditioning, and ballet)
Coached Skaters in ISI, Basic Skills, Regional, and National Showcase Competitions
Collegiate National Competitor