Interested in Skating Lessons?

Private and group lessons are available for introductory skaters as well as experienced skaters.

How to Get Started

Private lessons are set up directly with me, group lessons are set up and conducted through the skating school program at your desired rink. If you’d like to setup private lessons please contact me.

Private lessons are conducted on either a public or freestyle session. Lessons conducted on a public session are geared towards the introductory or recreational skater. Freestyle sessions are sessions dedicated to figure skaters who are looking to practice with other figure skaters. Sessions may be created based around skaters level for safety reasons, make sure to check with your rink. Private lessons conducted on freestyle sessions are normally for the more serious/experienced skater or the skater who is preparing for a show or competition.

What experiences are available to ice skaters?

Skaters may have the opportunity to participate in many different opportunities, some of which include:

  • Rink Shows
  • ISI Competitions
  • USFSA Competitions
  • Specialty Programs
  • ISI Testing
  • USFSA Testing