What to Wear Skating

The key to “dressing for success” in figure skating is to look nice and neat. Below are some guidelines for boys and girls.

Skating Clothes

Rule of thumb: Form-fitting clothes that stretch are better than tight, restrictive or oversized clothes that restrict movement. An instructor/coach needs to see a skater’s body alignment to give proper advice and feedback about technique, so form fitting clothing that allows for movement is better.


  • Please wear a skating dress/skirt and beige-colored tights for practice, or skating pants and a skating jacket. Try to keep boots clean, or wear boot covers/over-the-boot tights to protect the boot’s finish.
  • A nice sweater or snug sweatshirt can be worn over a skating dress; stay away from baggy “hoodie” sweatshirts. Even if it is very cold in the arena, do not allow your child to practice in a heavy or bulky coat.
  • A girl’s hair should be tied back or put up. It is very important that hair be away from the face. If you are in a hurry, it is fine to quickly put your daughter’s hair in a ponytail. If her hair is very long, you may want to braid her hair or put it in a bun so that a long ponytail doesn’t distract your daughter as she spins and jumps.
  • Hair in a neat ponytail is OK… However, a bun is preferred.


  • Boys should wear black skating pants and a neat, plain-colored, long- or short-sleeved shirt and a nice sweater.
  • Gloves are highly recommended.
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